Sig p320 compact review hickok45

For the last five years, the Sig Sauer P compact has been one of the top choices for concealed carry holders. So it might surprise you that I have never actually shot one until recently. I have never gravitated toward Sig handguns for my own personal use, but I was excited to try out the P Fortunately, the Guns.

I immediately inspected the P upon its arrival from Guns. I was pleasantly taken back at how balanced it was and how intuitively it pointed. Next, I got in a few quick dry fire reps on a cardboard target. The bore axis on the P seemed high but I was able to build a very aggressive grip due to the high beavertail. The trigger take up was short and upon running the slide I noticed that the trigger reset was even shorter. Everything seemed on point for the makings of a great shooting handgun, but dry fire and live fire can be two very different experiences.

When I arrived at the range for my first session with the P, I loaded up all three mags with Aguilla 9mm gr to their max 17 round capacities.

Running all three mags in rapid succession would give me an idea of any quarks or skeletons that might be in its closet. After the third mag ran dry I had a nice neat pile of brass on the ground and a tight group on the cardboard target that was about seven yards away. The P is a great place to start if you are new to concealed carry or handguns in general.

Around the fifth mag, I started to notice that the recoil impulse was a bit unusual. It was very easy to keep on target when stringing multiple shots. After rounds the P was hot, a bit dirty, and had made it through the range session without a hiccup. Now, this is in no way a reliability test but this does give me some confidence if I wanted to choose the P as a carry gun.

I am also confident that if the P is properly maintained there is no reason that reliability would continue with extended service life.

Sig has made this gun one of the most modular handguns available. This means you can take the subframe out of the compact and drop it into the full-size frame. You are essentially buying one gun that can be turned into three different guns. I have never gravitated toward Sig handguns for my own personal use but I was excited to try out the P Because of the popularity of the P, aftermarket holster support is plentiful.Have you ever bought the latest iPhone only to have Apple turn out a newer model a short time later?

The gun came out a few years ago and then another one and then Sig released the P X-Compact in and a newer one? From a distance they look very similar, but the X-Compact model has a lot of welcomed improvements. With the X-Compact, Sig has seemed to find that magic recipe of size and capacity. As far as the compact designation goes, the gun is on the smaller end of the scale when compared to other duty pistols. It has a shorter barrel than a Glock 19 with an overall slide length of 7 inches.

Unloaded it weighs in at just over 25 ounces and should fit in all the pre existing the P holsters available. With the X Series, Sig completely redesigned the grip module than the standard full-size P The frame has an improved beavertail contoured magwell, and deep trigger guard undercut.

Inside the modular design is an internal serialized sub-frame, so you can put the guts into another frame. Out of the box, I could immediately feel the improvements. I could really cinch up on the grip to combat the high bore axis of the P X-Compact. Anticipating this lifestyle choice, Sig equipped the X-Compact with an optic cut on the slide. Remove the cover plate at the bottom of the slide to reveal the footprint for a Sig Romeo1Pro.

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Using a red dot, though, eliminates the rear night sight, so back up irons are not an option. A new X-Series Straight trigger is an improvement on an already very good stock trigger. I really enjoy a flat faced trigger. As trivial as that sounds, I really do think it makes a difference for a more even trigger press. It was comparable to carrying a sub-compact. Printing was minimal even in my most athletic fitting extra-medium sized shirts.

The short upper made sitting and long car rides painless. The Sig P X-Compact is lean. This handgun makes a strong argument for one of the best concealed carry options straight from the factory.

SIG P320 X-Carry

Sig might be a little late to the game with what they are offering with the X-Series, but they knocked it out of the park. I think in the future you may see a lot of old fan boys of certain companies making a switch.

sig p320 compact review hickok45

So how does the no-frills Ruger AR perform when put to the test? Read on to find out. The Sig Sauer P was the first.Currently, SIG offers full-size and compact versions of the P, in both 9mm and. For testing I received a full-size version in 9mm. The serialized frame is actually a stainless steel chassis inside the polymer grip module.

The serial number is visible through a window in the plastic on the right side of the grip. SIG offers full-size and compact grip modules with small, medium and large grip sizes. Technically, it is possible to switch the serialized chassis between guns chambered in 9mm. Want to know which grip your pistol is equipped with?

It will be marked on the right side of the frame above the accessory rail and on the butt. The compact version features a 3. The slide has traditional SIG lines, and I was pleased to see forward cocking serrations. Standard on all models of the P are Siglite night sights, which are steel sights with three-dot tritium inserts.

I found the triangular mag release to be surprisingly ergonomic. It may not look like much, but appearances are deceiving. It is actually far more aggressive and grippy than it looks.

Gun Review: Inside The Sig Sauer P320X Compact

The pull on my sample measured 7. No, what I like is the length of pull.

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Total length of travel—including taking up the slack—was only 0. Not counting the slack, actual trigger pull length and reset was only about a quarter of an inch.

That is excellent. It felt like a six-pound pull. A short trigger pull feels lighter than one of the same weight that is a lot longer, which is why overtravel stops exist.

A short length of pull means the sight picture will have less opportunity to be disturbed while the trigger is being pulled, and the shooter will be able to shoot quickly if necessary. I also like that the trigger itself is steel. In fact, there is no polymer anywhere in the trigger mechanism. As a result of the metal-on-metal contact, the trigger pull is consistent. The pistol has no double-strike capability, although it will click every time you pull the trigger even if the striker is forward.

A block cocks the striker as the slide runs forward, and pulling the trigger drops the block out of the way and allows the striker to move.My, how things can change in five years. The P became one of the most successful handgun introductions in the modern era, securing a huge military contract and being adopted by police agencies around the country.

The P is available in two main flavors: the standard P and the XSeries. The latest model in the XSeries is the P XCompact, and you should expect it to exceed your expectations. This is a striker-fired handgun, currently chambered only in 9mm.

Sporting a 3. The magazine release is reversible, and the slide release is ambidextrous. The slide boasts aggressive flat-bottomed serrations both front and back. The most visible difference between the original P and the XSeries is the XSeries grip module, which offers more of an angle than the original. This grip module also sports a slight mag-well bevel, a significantly undercut trigger guard, and a beavertail at the rear of the frame.

That is not the only difference. Aftermarket companies make adapter plates for other red dots like the Aimpoint Acro. The XCarry is basically an X-Five with a shorter top end but the same length grip, which, to me, is the exact opposite of what you want in a carry gun because the grip is what prints against your covering garment. The XCompact is not just an XCarry with the grip shortened.

The trigger itself is flat and breaks at a degree angle, which helps keep your muzzle from wandering off target during trigger pulls. Trigger pull on my sample was 5.

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The texturing on the grip is nicely aggressive, but it is set down into the surface while the flat areas sit up higher. The end result is a grip that feels slicker in my hand than I would like.

During one weeklong filming session, I carried the XCompact when not on camera, which should tell you how much I like and trust this pistol.

Reliability with this pistol has been percent, and accuracy is more than acceptable. The XCarry has the same general footprint as the P Compact, so any holster that fits one should fit the other—and just about every holster maker offers a model that fits the SIG P However, SIG sells a number of holsters—including SIG-branded models made by Black Point Tactical—and its dedicated polymer outside-the-waistband rig for this pistol has a relief cut for a mini red dot if your pistol is so equipped.

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Spend less on the firearm and more on ammo Add an email address. Get Digital Access Not a Subscriber?They also say it is a plastic piece of junk. They now want everything included but not willing to pay a good amount for a quality handgun. It has been a while since I have seen so many shooters take interest in a new pistol like they have with the Sig P XCompact. The XCompact model mimics the XCarry pistol but its smaller. The XCompact model is loaded with features that gives the buyer everything needed except range time to carry the handgun.

They created this pistol equipped so that nothing else is needed with the exception of a red-dot for those who prefer that. The Sig XCompact has a 3. It comes with two 15 round magazines, an ambidextrous slide stop and a flat face trigger that breaks at five pounds.

It also has a loaded chamber indicator bar that raises above the slide when a round is chambered.

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Additionally, the Sig P XCompact has a forend picatinny rail, front slide serrations and an extended rear beaver-tail for greater control. They also undercut the trigger guard for a higher grip and indented the upper grip for improved ergonomics.

Like the entire P line of handguns, the XCompact model is modular. Shooters have the choice to purchase a variety of polymer frames. By simply removing the take down lever from the frame, the entire internal chassis can be removed and placed into a different frame.

Modularity gives shooter choices which is always a good thing inthe shooting world. There are very few negative points to speak of so please allow me to nitpick. The slide width on the Sig P XCompact is 1. I understand that has to do with space needed for a red-dot optic to seat properly however for those who carry inside the waistband, it is thick. It would be nice if Sig could have come up with a way thin out the slide a bit for more comfortable holster carry.

Another point worth mentioning is the price. At the range, the Sig P XCompact fired every round with ease. The case ejection was a bit weak but for the most part, it was fine. The lightweight flat face trigger was noticeably pleasing when shooting. There was very little trigger travel between shots which aided to its accuracy. Even with one-handed shooting as seen in the video, the XCompact was smooth and on target. The Sig Sauer P XCompact is the hottest striker-fire, polymer frame handgun on the handgun market.

The interest is high as people are opening up their wallets and begging Sig Sauer to take their money.

sig p320 compact review hickok45

History has taught us that even though the pistol may have long staying power, the high interest may not. There is always something else to show up and garner the attention of shooters who cannot get enough of this stuff. Connect with us. Dan has been an avid gun collector and enthusiast for several years. Most importantly, he believes in the 2nd Amendment and strongly feels that all Americans should practice situational awareness and carry a gun daily.

View all posts by TheFireArmGuy. Skip to content. Email Address. Contact About Terms of Use.My years in law enforcement have made me intimately familiar with the quality of SIG Sauer firearms. Capacity and a crisp, consistent trigger are secondary. Did you know that the P and P can share grip modules? SIG Sauer disappointed me with the P series by maintaining the same bore height over the grip shared with the P Could this be a bigger version of the love of my life, the P?

The front sight is drift adjustable while the rear sight is centered with a stud on a removable sight plate. Modern styled, the front sight has a light-green ring surrounding a tritium diode. Only the tritium diodes show through to the rear without white rings or dots. Attached to the plate, the rear sight is not adjustable for windage. The sights are coarse, and by that I mean they are big with little light spacing on either side of the front sight when aligned. Coupled with the darkened front sight, a refined sight picture was difficult to manage quickly.

sig p320 compact review hickok45

The removable rear-sight plate enables simple changes of rear-sight heights which are available from SIG Sauer. However, you must remove the extractor rod and springs to access the right screw. Taking this part of the pistol apart is not hard, but be careful not to lose the loaded chamber indicator and its delicate spring when removing the sight plate.

The screws are delicate and the plate offers no index to keep it centered on the gun. The delicate screws made it hard to torque properly without additional tools.

I would recommend some Loctite Threadlocker Blue and some time to cure. The chassis is considered the gun and is the serialized part. This platform allows the end user to change grip sizes, colors and texture as well as caliber and slide length on top. The P X Compact offers several enhancements when compared to a standard P The design will assuredly help in getting your firing hand high on the backstrap without causing fear of slide bite.

Gun Review: The Sig Sauer P320 Compact (VIDEO)

The magwell is newly contoured offering a wide, beveled funnel to smooth out rapid reloads. Lefties will be glad to know that the magazine release is reversible. Requiring a paperclip and a little finesse, you should only have to make the swap once. The pistol is otherwise fully ambidextrous. Overall, the grip has a slimmer profile and feels friendlier than the original P Texturing of the grip is also more aggressive than the original.

Almost functional, in my opinion. Being friends with Bruce Gray, renowned master gunsmith and competitor, I called Grayguns and learned that the trigger is not a Grayguns trigger at all, but a reasonable facsimile. Commonly done with revolvers, this gives the trigger somewhere to land after the gun fires. Overtravel is the movement of the trigger after the sear has disconnected and the firing pin has gone forward.

Excessive overtravel makes it difficult to produce precise shots due to the movement it imparts on the gun. Standing offhand at 25 yards, I fired one magazine of 15 rounds using standard full metal jacket FMJ practice ammo and the P XCompact connected with every shot. As I suspected, dynamic shooting with the XCompact was slower for me.

Of course, this is not my primary gun.The good parts of the P are still there in the PX Compact. It gets the same sculpting as the original, with angled flats on the slide to make it easier to draw and re-holster.

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There are cocking serrations fore and aft, and the barrel locks up in the slide by using the ejection port. So, there are no internal locking lugs to machine or keep clean. On top, the PX Compact gets a set of tritium night sights—entirely appropriate for a pistol meant as a daily-carry tool. The front rides in a transverse dovetail, so it can be adjusted left to right if you need some fine-tuning for point of impact. The rear is different: It incorporates a mounting plate cover. If you wish, you can remove the rear plate and mount a red-dot optic.

I have no doubt that a competent pistolsmith could make any other red-dot optic work as well, but of course, Sig is not responsible for extra work you have done to your firearm.

The barrel is a Sig barrel made of carbon steel, rifled to allow use of hard-cast lead bullets unlike some striker-fired pistols and heat-treated for maximum durability.

It locks up with an angled can underneath, and the hood and front of the chamber lock into the ejection port opening on the slide. Next to it is a beefy extractor. The trigger is a straight bar with a small lip on the bottom as a tactical index point. The trigger is designed so that it releases the strike when the trigger face is perpendicular to the axis of the bore. Simple: If your trigger finger is pulled directly to the rear at the moment the striker is released, the force of that pull is minimized as accuracy-robbing overtravel.

When you release the striker, your finger keeps going backward. It has to—the mechanism has to have overtravel in order to work.

The direction and force of that overtravel can have a bad effect on accuracy. This geometry reduces the overtravel effect and allows you greater leeway in learning to press and still hit. Sig sculpted the rear of the frame shell to allow your hand a more comfortable, and higher, carry, with an extended beavertail. Not that the original was not good, but because it is a shell, they can do more.

Also, the frontstrap at the trigger guard was given an undercut to let your hand get higher on the frame.

SIG Sauer P320 Review

The frame, for those who have not been keeping up, is merely a shell. Inside the frame, Sig has designed the P to be a self-contained chassis. It is a simple thing to remove the disassembly lever once the pistol is apart and then lift the chassis out. If you want to have a bigger frame for your carry gun, the shells are not controlled items no serial numberand you can swap back and forth if you want. The serial number is on the chassis, and you can see it by means of a cutout section of the shell, made for just that purpose.

The shells also come in larger dimensions—as in small, medium and large—if you want compact but you want larger diameter for larger hands. The marking is on the backstrap just above the hole for your lanyard loop attachment.