Witch x reader lemon

She goes out with Harvey Kinkle, but what kind of problems could that bring up for the territorial warlock she left behind? If you thought that Sabrina was shocked to see you and Harvey together at Dr. For Sabrina, it was jealousy and shock, and perhaps the same could be said for the warlock. However, what confused him more than anything was the fact that you, a witch, were openly with a mortal.

You and Nick had broken up quite a while ago and it was none of his business who you chose to hang out with, even if it did happen to be some human boy.

He had no reason to be jealous. Now, on your end, you had absolutely no idea that Nicholas was watching you. It had never happened to you before, but for once in your life, you wanted nothing more than to spend all evening talking to him. He was a strange man, with many different ideas about how the world should work and stories from his life.

It was so funny to see how the other half lived, so to speak. By this point in the evening, you had been sitting here for hours, sharing a milkshake and talking about life…. And you continued talking through the night until you got on the conversation of Valentines day, and how fast it was approaching. It was a lot less fun, with more cards and confetti, over rituals and sex. There was a bit of sparkle in his eyes as he watched you, waiting for some kind of response.

There was no good way to react in a situation like that. Are you sure? It showed you things that you needed, and gave you the things that you wanted but you knew that if you even mentioned magic around Harvey, he would freak out. How could he be so confident in such a thing even with a past like his? It was the only way. It had always been that way, and as you walked up the stairs to the academy, you made your decision…. There was no way you could put him in danger like that, ever.

It was far too upsetting to imagine something bad happening to him. Not to mention what Nicholas would do if you ever dared show up at the academy of unseen arts with him on your arm. He had always been such a jealous creature. After the two of you had separated, he had been so angry but it was only because he loved you so. He spoke freely and made you feel free to do the same in a way you never had before.

As you walked quickly away from Dr.Hello, again!

witch x reader lemon

Civil War! Some of the actual dialogue from the film is used here with some adjustments. Let me know what you think. Summary: How the reader and Wanda are involved in the events of Civil War.

Will they be on the same side? Or will they have to fight each other? Half a year had passed since you left the comfort of the Avengers tower and the path to healing had never felt more manageable. Peace never seemed to last around you. A quiet curse escaped your lips as you watched the news of what happened in Lagos play out before you.

[Marvel] Wanda Maximoff x Reader

A threat. She made a mistake — she was trying to help. You could only imagine how she was feeling. The news continued to pile on the next couple of days which is when you caught wind of the Sokovian accords. The information being relayed to you in the form of a demand from one Tony Stark who said you needed to sign since you were technically still an Avenger. Not that you actually told him the second part.

Shortly after your phone call with Stark, Steve also reached out. Though he was reluctant to have to ask you for help when he knew what he would be dragging you back into. You agreed within seconds. Not only was it what was right, but Steve was your first lifeline. You had made a promise. Due to some loose ends, you were the last to arrive at the parking garage Steve had designated as the meeting location.

💙Vampire! Shouto x Witch! F!Reader x Werewolf! Bakugou💙

The sight of Wanda before you after all this time shocked you and rendered you immobile for a moment. Part 2: One Day at a Time. Part 4: Like I Can.Reader - female reader M! Reader - Male reader Reader - gender neutral.

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Todoroki leisurely pulled down the zip to my luminous dress, his other hand tenderly cupped my soft cheek as his tongue danced with my own. My right hand gently caressed the back of Todoroki's neck. Bakugou's arms were wrapped around my waist as he smothered warm kisses on my neck, shoulders, and back. Bakugou's hand slowly trailed up the skirt of my dress, making me squeal as his muscular hand travelled up and down my hips. Todoroki enviously reacted to my squeal by pulling me closer to his body and forcing my hands onto his chest.

Bakugou growled irritably and pulled me off Todoroki and into a passionate kiss with him. Todoroki rolled his eyes in annoyance and began to un-strap any accessories I had on, gently placing my hair onto my shoulder. He untied his cape and let it fall to the floor, before hauling down my dress teasingly. I pulled away from Bakugou and stared at my clothing on the floor with a shy expression. I clenched Bakugou's tuxedo in embarrassment as the two males lustfully gazed at my almost exposed skin.

Todoroki nibbled at my shoulders and slowly glided his fangs over my skin. Bakugou unbuttoned his tuxedo and removed it, throwing it to a forgotten spot as he continued to kiss my neck. I unfastened the buttons on his shirt, slowly revealing his enticing, toned chest and abs.

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My neck, shoulders, and collar were scattered in purple hickeys and delicious bite marks. Todoroki unbound my bra as we neared closer to Todoroki's bed. I kneeled seductively on the bed as the two males continued their captivating treatment. Bakugou massaging my breasts as Todoroki worked on my back. The male's shirts were now out of concern and I was skin to skin with the alluring males. I exchanged a thrilling kiss with Bakugou.

Todoroki lifted my rear towards him and lowered his kisses down my back. Bakugou's fingers were entangled in my hair and my hands were against the mattress. I cried out into the kiss with Bakugou when Todoroki pulled down my undergarments and pumped a finger inside of my heat. He smirked to Bakugou's angered expression, whilst inserting another digit into my heat. Bakugou pulled away. My eyes widened as Bakugou slid off his jeans, revealing his boxers.

Todoroki scoffed. How inconsiderate" Todoroki said smugly. Bakugou growled spitefully.Reader - female reader M! Reader - Male reader Reader - gender neutral. She wore a luxurious blue dress with lacy heels and a matching purse in which she kept her potions and spell caster wand.

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The guard returned the smile and scanned the list. He found her name and held open the door. The guards were left smiling and blushing. Her eyes twinkled as she looked up to an ash blonde male with spiked ears and tail, wearing an expensive tuxedo but with loose buttons and no tie. Bakugou Katsuki, prince of werewolves. She flinched but soon placed her hands softly onto his toned shoulders. They danced and swayed in time to the song as he lifted her off the ground and back into his arms, they're lips only inches away.

He lowered her to the floor and they continued their romantic scene, not noticing the icy pair of eyes glaring daggers towards them. He drew her body toward him. Her blush darkened and she closed her eyes, feeling his hot breath against her skin was soothing as she placed her hands against his chest to prepare for his kiss She was pulled away by cold hands and gasped as she was spun into another's hold.

He slid his hand from her back to her waist. Todoroki smiled and spun her so his chest was against her back. He gave light kisses to the warm skin of her neck. People stared in confusion.

witch x reader lemon

The witch, werewolf and vampire were teleported to Todoroki's sleeping quarters. You shouldn't be fighting over me! You're supposed to be royals for goodness sake! Who are you gonna choose? I-I don't know I love you both equally! I can't choose! Todoroki hid his fangs and Bakugou retreated his claws. Bakugou pulled away. Todoroki dragged her back to his own body in jealousy. This will be continuedWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You are Manhattan royalty, making your marriage one people want to watch. What happens when the Avengers are your suitors? A story of the progression of love between Wanda and reader with each chapter inspired by different Sam Smith songs.

With some protective Steve thrown in for good measure. Tumblr saw it first. I'm bad at descriptions, sorry. A collection of one shots, preferences, imagines and all else for some of your favourite marvel characters! So since I'm love so many female characters I decided to write a oneshots book because I've read to many of them and because I can't find many with female character x fem reader so here you are my own oneshots book!

When you find yourself far from your mothers, your team and your home, the arrival on the strange Earth and the crash of your ship in the headquarters of the Avengers make you find a temporary house. Surrounded by the pain of an immeasurable loss and the desire for revenge in your chest, you had an outstretched hand from the entire team.

And mainly from Wanda Maximoff, who opened her heart to you and offered the option of a home while still fighting for her own loss. While their physical injuries are visible, the mental ones lay hidden.

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How do you talk about something so painful? Reader is Gender Neutral. Hello hello : Jana here to offer you a collection of imagines with characters from the MCU! Here is a list of characters that you will find in this list:. Um please keep in mind that it's my first work on this platform, so I'm still figuring out how everything works.

🍋Vampire! Todoroki x Witch! F!reader x Werewolf! Bakugou🍋 P2

There will be smut at one point. Also, English is my third language, so I'm sorry for any mistake there might be.I've been reading some Yandere x Male reader stories, so I decided to make a book like they did. Anyway, enjoy the one shots :D? This will take place in a modern AU, where witchcraft exists. You are a guy who has the height of a grade schooler.

witch x reader lemon

You began to envy, as you haven't got a lover yet Makoto: Wow, kazoos and streamers, streamers are awesome! You watched as then Phinks played the Kazoo, and Makoto sang "You think you know me, You think you know me--" But then Plutia just giggled innocently as Issei kicked out both Makoto and Phinks.

You went to answer it, to see a girl of your height, and presumably age in front of the door. She wears a pointy hat. Miku: My name is Miku, I was sent here by your father Miku began to raise her dress exposing her panties as she searched around for something, this almost made your nose bleeding. She then found something, and handed it to you, a letter. You: Dear Mr. Congratulations, as you have won the first place monster girl prize A your age Loli witch girl for your son!

You began to sweat out, as suddenly Miku began to make a pouty face. She chanted a spell, and not even a second later a broom suddenly materializes on her hand.

witch x reader lemon

You and Miku then ride the flying broom and flew across the city skies, you are awestruck by the view from above the clouds. After a few minutes the broom began to land, until The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Yandere female x Male reader fixed request, no random by Yuuyakizami21 Yandere female x Male reader fixed request, no random Table of contents.

Yandere prisoner girl x Busted male reader. Yandere Twin little sisters x Male Reader. Yandegire Kagene Rui Vocaloid x Male reader. Yandere Atrocious! Dark SeeU x cloned Male Reader part 1. Dark SeeU x clone Male Reader part 2. Yandere female Synth x Male kidnapped reader.

Yandere Black Cat Spiderman x Male bugle photographer reader. Yandere Part-Zombie! Kurumi Ebisuzawa Gakkou Gurashi! Yandere Fem! Hunter Yautja x Male Civillian reader. Yandere anthro Xenomorph x Male Marine Reader. The Drawing's finished! And also Yandere dominant and abusive Childhood friend x Male reader Grapefruit.Just hit me up and I will make it. Make sure to tell me if you want it as a lemon or not Requested By: TyForestGames. After becoming a Avengers, you started noticing Wanda Maximoff more and more.

She seemed different to you. She joined after you did, Wanda lost her brother, Who everyone calls Quicksilver.

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After awhile Wanda felt bad after a bomb blew up a building or something you saw on the news. All I got is the power to never die and lots of Weapons, Anyways trust me, I don't think you can hurt me not at all.

Tony will clear your name trust me!! You walked into the jail cell room. Looking around you saw all Captain America's team. Then you saw Wanda you started walking over to her.

Tony came in behide you. Just follow my lead. Three guards turn towards you. Using the bat, you knocked them all out and broke ones neck.

You watched as everyone tried shooting you. To avoid the ending of the movie, I cut this part out the story out, Sorry everyone. The Watty Awards. Try Premium.

Yandere Witch (MGE) x Shota Male Reader (Grapefruit)

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